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Looking for work if you're disabled. This symbol means: the employer is committed to employing disabled people.

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Getting help Your local Jobcentre can help you find a job or gain new skills and tell you about disability-friendly employers in your area. Programmes and grants Your work coach can tell you about programmes and grants to help you back into work.

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These include: Access to Work - money towards a support worker or for the cost of equipment or travelling to work Specialist Employability Support - to help you get ready for employment or become self-employed Work and Health Programme - to help you find and keep a job. Print entire guide.


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The tools and websites shown here are all free and deliver consistently reliable results. A couple of things to keep in mind while reading this article, and before you start using any of the resources listed here:.

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  8. However, Google is much more than just a search engine. Anything from census records to birth dates and phone numbers can be found here, making the site both useful and somewhat controversial at the same time. Zabasearch updates its records according to information that is publicly available. There are a wide variety of websites that focus only on people-related information , such as online phone directories and databases. These sites are excellent resources for picking up bits and pieces of information, such as business phone numbers, obituary notices, and census data.

    Surprisingly, in a day of almost limitless information online, obituaries prove somewhat tricky to find because they are published by local, city, and state newspapers.

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    Its worth a try to check the newspaper in a person's hometown, if you have that information. There are ways to find both present and past obituaries on the web using a variety of resources and search queries. It may lead you to the date of death and the city or town where the person was living. Hiring the right people means hiring the right skillset, but it also means finding people who have key traits and qualities that will positively impact the culture--and ultimately the growth--of your business.

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    Does this person care? Is there a sense of passion about the company or product?

    They're willing to be accountable

    More importantly, can they point to multiple experiences in the workplace where they have demonstrated care? Asking about someone's interests or hobbies can give you a sense of what they care about most. If we care about something, we are laser focused and uncover new and unique ways to solve a problem or make the tiniest refinements.

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    Care often inspires creative solutions that would otherwise be dismissed or unconsidered. Will this person go the extra mile? Do they strive for excellence? What are some examples of how they have been accountable beyond just the role they've had in ways that are constructive and impactful? Being accountable is about understanding the impact of a project, and the trickle down effect of a missed deadline or obstacle on the business.

    It also demonstrates respect toward the people we work with.