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The term includes farmstead land on the tract. Questions may be directed by mail, or by calling Applications must be postmarked or filed in person by June 1st in order to be effective for the next tax year, which begins January 1st. Rollback taxes are due for the year of change and six of the previous tax years for a total of up to seven years. If you sell your land, the buyer will be obligated to continue using the land in a qualified use or pay rollback taxes and interest.

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Agricultural Use Agricultural use is defined as land used for the purpose of producing an agricultural commodity, or devoted to and meeting the requirements and qualifications for payments or other compensation through a soil conservation program under an agreement with an agency of the Federal government. Agricultural Reserve Agricultural reserve is defined as a noncommercial open space used for outdoor recreation or the enjoyment of scenic or natural beauty and is open to the public for that use, without charge or fee on a nondiscriminatory basis.

Forest Reserve Forest reserve is defined as a ten-acre or more piece of land, stocked by forest trees of any size, which are capable of producing timber or other wood products. How do I enroll? Authorities 5 This opinion cites: Hospital Utilization Project v. Zitomer, 4 A. Prevailing Wage Appeals Bd.

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Joseph Hosp. Wesley United v. Dauphin Cty. View All Authorities. Please support our work with a donation. For the following reasons, we reverse. LAH is a Pennsylvania not-for-profit corporation qualified as a charitable corporation within the meaning of Section c 3 of the Internal Revenue Code of , 26 U. It owns 59 properties in Westmoreland County, of which 35 have been granted tax-exempt status by the Board, including the main hospital building in Latrobe.

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Supplemental Reproduced Record S. The Property comprises a 4.

The building was constructed for use as an outpatient surgical facility; it contains a main lobby, reception area and waiting room area, three operating rooms, two gastrointestinal procedure rooms, eight pre-operative bays, a recovery room, a family waiting room, an office in the reception area, an x-ray room, a billing office, and an employee locker room. All of the nurses and office staff are LAH employees. The Board denied the application, stating that although LAH operates a facility that is licensed as a hospital, the facility on the Property is licensed as an ambulatory surgical facility and is in competition with similarly licensed commercial enterprises.

LAH appealed to the trial court. Reproduced Record R. Hempfield School District and Hempfield Township were represented at the hearing as interested parties. R at LAH called seven employees of Excela Health5 as witnesses and submitted more than 30 exhibits.

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No other party offered witness testimony. After the hearing, the parties submitted proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law, proposed orders, and legal argument. Michael Busch, the executive vice president and chief operating officer of Excela Health, testified that the ambulatory surgical center is used exclusively for providing medical services and procedures for patients of LAH on an outpatient basis. She explained that Department of Health regulations require ambulatory surgery centers to be separately licensed and that ambulatory surgical centers are governed by separate and distinct regulations.

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Although the question was differently phrased, it appears that Addis meant that the same Excela Health committee provides oversight for the operations of the ambulatory surgical center and the main hospital. In fact, the minutes of the board quality committee specifically address the three hospitals, Norwin Medical Commons, and Laurel Surgical Center. Referencing the agenda for the Excela Health patient safety committee, S. The document reflects that the same individual also is the patient safety officer at Frick Hospital and references the same five entities as the board quality committee.

See, e. Peg McGowan, Excela Health vice-president of operations, testified that she works with a staff of employees related to cardiovascular services, interventional radiology, and operating suites and operating rooms in the ambulatory surgical centers.

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Her duties include patient assignment at the main hospital and the ambulatory surgical center. Christopher Kohler testified that he is the director of the office of medical affairs for Excela Health and is responsible for credentialing physicians who can provide services at any Excela Health facility.

Joyce Noel testified that she is employed by Excela Health as its director of revenue cycle.

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She stated that the procedures for billing are the same for services provided at the main hospital and the ambulatory surgical center. Referencing supporting documentation, she noted that physicians use the same health insurance claim forms to bill for procedures at both locations, and the Laurel Surgical Center and the main hospital use the same form UB to invoice for services. Thomas S. Albanesi, Jr.


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Rather, all revenue from the surgical center is treated and used in the same manner as other LAH revenue, with the same combined system used for all financial reporting. As an example, Albanesi referenced a IRS form Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax filed by Excela Health, and he testified that the total amount of bad debt, charity, and uncompensated care reported for LAH includes amounts attributable to the ambulatory surgical center. Smith said she first made a list of the procedures performed at the Laurel Surgical Center, and then she called these other centers and asked the person who answered the phone what procedures they performed, marking the chart accordingly.

Smith stated that she created the chart in January and updated it in July after looking at the websites of the other surgical centers. She agreed that the pain management surgery, ophthalmology surgery, cataract removal surgery, YAG laser treatment, gynecological surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, endoscopy procedures, and colonoscopies performed at Aestique Surgical Center also are done at Laurel Surgical Center. She testified that the Delmont Surgical Center performs plastic surgery along with anesthesia, as does Laurel Surgical Center.

Trial court opinion In its November 20, opinion and order, the trial court incorporated and adopted the Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law submitted by LAH and held that LAH met its burden of proving entitlement to tax exemption for the Property under Section a 3 of the Law. Trial court op.

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City of Philadelphia, 4 A. See e. In support, the trial court also cited Saint Joseph Hospital v. Commonwealth, A.