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They come to the workshops by themselves or led by their families. Music but also pictorial arts are used as a therapeutic mediation for one session per week during the time of hospitalization. This period varies depending on the condition of the subject. Regarding the criteria for external validation, a semi-structured interview is proposed to the nurses in T2.

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CDC: There was a positive effect for most seniors who attended the sessions: an increased well-being and a temporary appropriation of memories. However, given the small size and the heterogeneity of samples, the irregularity of attendance, the results cannot be generalized. More regular sessions of arts therapies would be favorable for a consolidation of results. The influence of music on pictorial expression of young women—a comparative study of different music styles]. Research showed that a satisfactory resolution of the crisis of adolescence can be favoured by psychological counselling based on artistic mediations.

We analysed free drawings realised by the test group with the help of a rating scale constructed in a phenomenological and structural perspective Schiltz, The adolescents painted under musical induction. We proposed three different styles of music, i.

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By using non parametric inferential and multi dimensional statistics, we could show that structural characteristics of music styles lead to differences in formal and content variables on the rating scales for the pictures. The results of our exploratory study open some tracks for future research. It would be pertinent to enlarge the population to other categories of age and to investigate the influence of gender. Models for financial asset dynamics usually take into account their inherent unpredictable nature by including a suitable stochastic component into their process.

Unknown forward values of financial assets at a given time in the future are usually estimated as expectations of the stochastic asset under a suitable risk-neutral measure. This estimation requires the stochastic model to be calibrated to some history of sufficient length in the past. Apart from inherent limitations, due to the stochastic nature of the process, the predictive power is also limited by the simplifying assumptions of the common calibration methods, such as maximum likelihood estimation and regression methods, performed often without weights on the historic time series, or with static weights only.

Hence we have a stochastic process with time dependent parameters, the dynamics of the parameters being themselves learned continuously by a neural network. The back propagation in training the previous weights is limited to a certain memory length in the examples we consider 10 previous business days , which is similar to the maximal time lag of autoregressive processes.

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Using the partial least squares approach for comprehending the motivational factors in the activity of consuming psychoactive products in adolescents]. Practice of a sport is associated with better health but it can also be linked to behavioral disorders of adolescents. It is therefore necessary to identify what influences these health problems.


A proposal for modelling with latent variables creating motivational and consumption of substances has been conducted among adolescents over a period of 20 months. Method: This research was conducted among adolescents aged an average of 17 years. We also made a comparison of PLS with a statistical regression classic. Application computing frequency—analysis of sensory dating for determining the sulfide load. In this study 24 landmarks are selected. Every object is described by these landmarks.

The shape is the standardised and centred object. The procedure is applied on transversal as well as on frontal images. The results for frontal and transversal images are compared.

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Tumours of different origin, topography and size can be analysed. The differentiation of relevant landmarks is important for statistical and medical reason. In this study, evaluation of landmarks and their possibility for tumour differentiation is demonstrated. Experiences with other chronic diseases show that a combination of telemedicine and Disease Management DM could have a positive impact on medical outcome and health related costs.

Instead of measuring physiological parameters, a Smartphone based Personal Allergy Assistant PAA allows patients to keep an electronic patient diary by scanning the barcode of the consumed food products. To further support the individual diet management, the PAA gives a warning before consumption of allergenic food. Computer readable food ingredient lists are required for the PAA diet management. This volunteer network complements an independent product database. Up to now, more than GERD symptoms and their severity, treatment changes and the GIS were all assessed at baseline visit 1 , visit 2 weeks and visit 3 weeks.

Analyses were performed on an intent-to-treat basis. The median duration of GERD was 2. The novel patient questionnaire was judged to be helpful by the physician and data shows that the GIS may have an added value over current assessments. Measurement of ventricular twist by 2D speckle tracking early after acute myocardial infarction.

Comparison between anterior and inferior infarction.

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It has been shown that LV twist decreases after myocardial infarction MI and that it is well correlated with left ventricular ejection fraction. Most studies have only evaluated anterior wall MI. The aim of our study was to determine whether LV twist is dependent on the infarct territory anterior vs. LV twist was significantly decreased after MI, compared to the control group There was no difference between anterior and inferior MI.

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LV rotation was decreased in the infarct area. Moreover, we show that LV apical rotation is mostly decreased after large anterior MI. As apical rotation is important for ejection and aspiration untwisting , this could be a possible mechanism of LV dysfunction after MI.

C-reactive protein to initiate or withhold antibiotics in acute respiratory tract infections in adults, in primary care: review. Typically, primary care physicians have few possibilities to order sophisticated laboratory tests to help distinguish viral pathogens from bacterial pathogens. C-Reactive Protein CRP measurement could help the primary care physician to discriminate more easily between these two conditions, and should contribute to reducing unnecessary prescribing of antibiotics during the first patient consultation.

RESULTS: Out of 54 entered articles reviewed from abstracts, we could identify 8 articles which correspond to our selection criteria. Overall the methodological quality of the studies is heterogeneous. We found sufficient evidence that CRP would be a useful biomarker in this perspective, but thorough and rigorous studies are needed to test this hypothesis. Posterior ankle and heel pain is common among athletes.

Historical data

The most common injury in this region is that of the Achilles tendon. However, besides the Achilles tendon, pain can originate from a retrocalcaneal bursitis, posterior impingement syndrome, os trigonum syndrome, or flexor hallucis longus tenosynovitis. These pathologies often caused by overuse, but can also occur after trauma. With careful examination, and the help of MRI imaging, the distinction can be made among these pathologies and the more common Achilles tendon problems.

Like most overuse injuries, the majority of cases of retrocalcaneal bursitis, posterior impingement, flexor hallucis longus tenosynovitis respond to conservative treatment. However, when this fails, open or arthroscopic surgery can be proposed. Arthroscopy is less aggressive than open surgery, with the added advantage of less patient morbidity, less post-operative pain, and early functional rehabilitation. It is becoming the surgery of choice, especially among athletes. An Antiphospholipid syndrome APS was diagnosed in a patient who had massive pulmonary embolisation from a right atrial thrombus.

The APS is an autoimmune disease defined by the presence in the serum of at least one type of autoantibody known as antiphospholipid antibody aPL and the occurrence of at least one clinical feature from a list of potential disease manifestations, the most common of which are venous or arterial thrombosis, recurrent fetal loss and thrombocytopenia. The prevalence of APS in a series of patients from internal medicine is 2 percent. The mean age at diagnosis is 42 years. The pathogenesis of APS associated with clinical manifestations seems to result from a variety of effects of aPL on coagulation pathways,but the exact mechanism of action of aPL on these pathways is not completely understood.

The APS can be primary or secondary to a disease. Thrombosis is the most frequent clinical manifestation of APS. It involves many organs, resulting on multiorgan failure: this is the catastrophic APS. The treatment is the same whether the APS is primary or secondary. Immunomodulating treatment can be offered but its efficiency at long-term is unproven.

The mortality varies according to the etiology and the clinical manifestations. The mortality rate is 50 percent in catastrophic APS, despite treatment. A cross-cultural examination of the relationship between negative mood states, body image and eating disorders. The present study investigated the relationship between depression and anxiety symptoms, body image and disordered eating behaviours in Polish and French populations.