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Find how fast it is moving relative to us. It now fires the third rocket, keeping the same direction. Find its new speed. Can you draw any general conclusions from your results?

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How is this seen from the ground? The width of the train w will be the same, there is no Lorentz contraction in the y -direction for motion in the x -direction.

Brooklyn Trains Shut Down As Cops Get Person Off Tracks

The beginning and ending clocks will also be synchronized as seen from the ground, since they are separated in the y -direction but not the x -direction. However, they are clocks moving at relativistic speed, so they will exhibit the familiar time dilation factor. Thus, as observed from the ground, walking directly across the train is slowed down by the time dilation factor, just as is every other activity on the train as seen from the ground. Actually, the first test of the addition of velocities formula was carried out in the s!

The train was going about 80 mph and couldn't stop in time to avoid hitting the man. The Amtrak Cascades train was heading north from Eugene, Ore. The accident is under investigation, but Near said the death appears to be accidental and not a suicide. On April 21, Angellina Rodriguez, 17, of Kent, was killed by a train on the same main railroad line. Witnesses told police that they saw Rodriguez talking on the phone as she was walking across railroad tracks about yards north of East James Street in Kent.

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Gus Melonas, a spokesman for BNSF Railway, which owns the track, said about 50 trains -- passenger, freight and commuter -- pass through the rail corridor between Kent and Auburn every 24 hours. Amber Morris, a receptionist at the Val-U Inn Motel next to the tracks where the man was hit, said she got to work just as the medical examiner arrived.

Morris said that a lot of homeless people as well as school kids walk along the track as a guide to getting around the area and that it's not uncommon to see several people walking along or crossing the track each day. People also cross the tracks to get to Emerald Downs from the motel. Train safety advocates say the distraction of texting or talking on cell phones along railroad tracks is becoming an increasing problem.

Last year, 17 people were killed by trains in Washington, according to statistics from the Federal Railroad Administration. So far this year, eight people have been killed. Marmie Edwards, a spokeswoman for Operation Lifesaver, a rail safety education organization, said the distraction of using cell phones near train tracks is a growing concern. The group has just finished a new safety film for middle school students that warns about the danger of talking or texting on cell phones near tracks.

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