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While the pounding of the mill was with me everywhere in Bodie, standing in the stamp room was to this day the most exhilarating experience of my life. Watching the men working at the apron, I felt a light nudge at my arm like a dog sniffing at it.

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Waxum, the small, sallow man in charge of the amalgamation process, stood next to me. He held a little bottle up to my face with a grin, revealing big yellow teeth. I held out my hand to him, and with a precise tip, he poured into it a droplet of mercury.

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With a satisfied smile, he went back to his work. For a time, I became absorbed in the little gift Mr. Waxum had given me, although he did this every time he saw me in the stamp mill. I rolled the mercury around the crevices of my cupped palm, wondering at its liquid silver softness. It seemed to be a tiny, mirrored globe, depicting the entire world in microscopic detail on its bright metallic surface.

You see? Not too much detail from Mr. But what about that map? Well, later in the book, Ruthie is sent by her mother to look for a very bad man by the name of Tobias Mortlock. But what will she tell her mother? So as not to flat out lie, she walks around Bodie, pretending to look for Mortlock. Excerpt 2. Nodding my head and pointing in the direction of my own house, I moved out of her line of sight to where Park Street emptied onto Green Street. I thought better of walking home up the hill.

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The problem was that I had promised my mother that I would look for Mortlock, and while I had no intention of finding him, I hated to tell her an outright lie. It seemed like a short, cursory search was in order. That way what I told her regarding how I had spent the last few hours would at least have some small morsel of truth in it. Walking a few blocks south on Main Street, I stopped to look at a few of the lodging houses there. From a distance, I had seen a group of men conversing on the porch.

From their way of standing and physical build, I had already concluded that none were Mortlock. Yes, I wrote that with a map stretched out in front of me, a map on which most of the buildings mentioned no longer exist. Had I not, would anyone be the wiser? Only I and a bunch of other folks who are also obsessed with Bodie would know the difference. A Fence Around Her. Brigid Amos. Having a mother with a past is never easy.

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For Ruthie Conoboy it becomes the struggle of a lifetime in , the year Tobias Mortlock arrives in the gold mining town of Bodie, California. Ruthie is suspicious of this stranger, but her trusting father gives him a job in the stamp mill.

Soon, Ruthie suspects that her mother and Mortlock have become more than friends. Can Ruthie stop this man from destroying her family? About the Author. A produced playwright, she co-founded the Angels Playwriting Collective and serves on the board of the Angels Theatre Company. Although Brigid left a nugget of her heart behind in the California Gold Country, most of it is in Lincoln, Nebraska where she currently lives with her husband.

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Currier, Charise A. Cyr, Rachel Esther Dave, Hiten Desantis, Lanna Marie Francis, Heathyr E. Exploring reproduction in wild blue lupine Lupinus perennis in comparison to L.

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  5. Franckowiak, Ryan Patrick Froese, Carlisle Ann Mackie Fyfe, Laura Elizabeth Gao, Zhiyuan Chemical characterization of dissolved organic matter in relation with hydrography in the Arctic Ocean Master of Science. Greenwood, Wesley The significance of topographically-focused groundwater recharge during winter and spring on the Oak Ridges Moraine, southern Ontario Master of Science.

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