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Officials had to hack a path into the vegetation to retrieve the body. She said one witness reported seeing a pedestrian involved in the crash, but that was difficult to determine because Chancey was ejected. Troopers said she rear-ended a Volvo while changing lanes, triggering the crash. The driver of the Volvo, year-old Maryland resident Deborah Cook, was not injured. Chancey had a history of dangerous driving, Montes said.

Chancey was arrested by Melbourne police for DUI in December , then was convicted on a lesser charge of reckless driving, Brevard County Clerk of Courts records show. Adjudication was withheld on that charge, which was reduced to reckless driving. The kit-assembled sports car veered across the southbound lanes and struck a tree.

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Robertson, who owns All Brevard Insurance, captured video footage of the crash on his palm tree-mounted security camera that monitors his driveway and front yard. He said footage shows a pedestrian walking back to the road from an adjacent beach access. Stroud was a longtime painter, surfer and blues music lover, recalled Melbourne resident Susan Hopkins.

He surfed with her brother, John Skaggs, decades ago in Satellite Beach, and she hired him to paint her homes and buildings about 15 times over the past 25 years. He was just a nice, quiet, honest guy. Seen in a broader context, the collection highlights the late s psychedelic scene in San Francisco, California and its folk beginnings. These items range from newspaper clippings about his brother Mike McCartney, to concert programs in both English and Japanese, to unique publications, and are from the years The collection as a whole offers a glimpse into rock fandom.

The Ocean Way Recording Scheduling Book is a ledger displaying the comprehensive master schedule for the studio between and The ledger represents the beginning years of the company when founder Allen Sides first operated his studio from a garage in Santa Monica, California. Ocean Way continues to function today as an award winning studio hosting a wide variety of celebrity musicians.

This collection contains memorabilia related to the career of pop singers Paul and Paula. The Collection will be of most use to researchers interested in images of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young or rock concert photography in general. The Women in Music Artist Files span the years to and contain biographical information and clippings featuring prominent women in the music industry. The collection provides rich documentation of the impact of women in rock and pop music, specifically in the s. The Datwon Thomas Collection spans the years to and consists of clippings, correspondence, photographs, flyers, and a calendar documenting Thomas' career as a music journalist and includes information on hip-hop and rap artists from the late s to early s.

The hip-hop and rap cultures of the time are also documented. The collection showcases the impact of journalism and mass media on the rap and hip-hop music culture. The Spooner Oldham Papers span the years to and provide documentation of Oldham's successful career as a musician and songwriter. The materials in the collection include business papers, photographs, printed materials, handwritten songs, and tour schedule booklets.

The photographs are images of Oldham in the recording studio with various people, including Aretha Franklin.

The schedule booklets in the collection include information about Oldham's tours with Neil Young and Drive-By Truckers. The Wanda Jackson Papers span the years to and contain one photograph of Jackson with her father, Tom, and a list of tour expenses for the Elvis Presley tour featuring Wanda Jackson. The collection is organized into four series: artist files; artist, reference and record company files; copy and research files; and editorial files.

The two series of artist files consist of newspaper and magazine clippings on artists, their performances, or related subjects. While similar in content, these two series were acquired as distinct sets of files. The copy and research files comprise the majority of the materials in the collection. These files include print copy, draft manuscripts, newspaper and magazine clippings, research notes, interview transcripts, and audio interviews.

The editorial files series contains material relating to a selection of Rolling Stone writers, as well as memos and other paperwork produced by various editors. Please note that the collection does not contain materials from the earliest days of the magazine; any file dated earlier than likely contains newspaper clippings or publicity materials. The John Vogel Papers span the years to and contain materials Vogel collected while working as a lighting engineer for various rock and roll concert tours.

The materials are include photographs, stage designs, tour schedules, and personnel information. Also included in the collection are several oversized tour booklets and some of Vogel's personal files. Vogel's papers provide rich insight to the process of creating a rock and roll concert show, specifically the stage design and special effects.

The programs feature original art by James D. Moyssiadis aka, Moyssi. They were predominately produced for national touring acts that appeared at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, N. They were distributed to audiences free of charge, and also contain biographical information on the performers, photographs, and local advertisements. The collection consists of 26 concert posters and bookmarks designed and created by McPherson.

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The concert posters feature various bands and concert venues, while the bookmarks promote McPherson's store, Cotton Candy Machine. Harvey, Mars Volta, and The Melvins. The collection provides a sampling of McPherson's artistic work, across genres and formats. Seen in a broader context, the collection provides insight to how mainstream and alternative rock bands and venues promoted their shows in the early s and serves as a reference to artists that played during that era.

The Bryan Ehlinger Poster Collection consists of promotional posters used by record companies for advertising and in-store displays from to and in The collection provides a glimpse into how record companies promoted their artists and the records they released during the late s and s. Seen in a broader context, the collection provides insight to the images and styles used to promote rock and roll music. The Dream Syndicate Collection spans the years to and consists of an audiocassette of early band the Suspects and a test pressing of a Dream Syndicate album; photographs and contact sheets of images of the band; a promotional postcard and stationary; typed and handwritten song lyric manuscripts; and an all access tour pass.

The Dream Syndicate Collection provides insight into the inner workings of a touring rock and roll band, as well as the songwriting and recording processes. This collection contains over six hundred hours of audio recordings of Wainstead's radio shows Wainstead All Night , Cyclotron , and Punkin' Around. The bulk of these recordings are of Wainstead All Night , Wainstead's longest running and most popular show. The music logs and song requests are a mix of Wainstead's punk rock show Cyclotron and of Wainstead All Night. The Steve Wainstead Collection provides information about bands playing at local venues, is an example of college radio at the apex of its popularity, and offers a slice of the "Cleveland Scene" during the late s through the late s.

The Robert Krasnow Collection spans the years and with undated material, and consists of VHS videocassettes and files relating to the second and third annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies, as well as a promotional film for Arena Brains.

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Krasnow's collection provides rich insight into the process of producing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the ceremonies and their guests. One color photograph of Elvis Presley and Bill Haley. Accompanying the photograph is a newspaper clipping with an image of the same photograph, stating that it was Presley's first appearance in Cleveland, opening up for Roy Acuff and Kitty Wells at Brooklyn High School.

Also included in the collection are photographs of Don Clark with other local Cleveland celebrities. Clark's collection provides a glimpse into the legacy of a Cleveland popular culture icon. Paul played at the Iridium nearly every week to the end of his life. The Howard Kramer Collection consists of VHS videocassettes, clippings, obituaries, artist tributes, and press releases.

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Kramer's collection provides insight to the history of rock music from the perspective of a collector and music enthusiast. The Groucho Marx poster is dated September 24, , though the event was postponed until December 11, due to illness. Seen in a broader context, the collection provides insight into the popular music scene of the early to mids and how those popular artists were promoted to the public. It also serves as a reference for the artists that played during that era. Performers included the Clash City Rockers L. Seen in a broader context, the posters provides insights to the punk rock scene of , its influences, and the graphic styles of promotion used at the time.

Man’s body found 2 days after fiery beachside crash

The collection includes audio recordings, chord charts, clippings, financial and legal documents, manuscripts, posters, sheet music, and teletypes. The material spans from to with the bulk of the material dating from to The collection provides extensive documentation on the promotion of regional rock and roll acts performing in the Mid- and Northwest of the United States from the mids to the early s, as well as the production and release of the film Frank Zappa's Motels. Seen in a broader context, the collection provides insight into the promotion of regional acts, the venues they played, and serves as a reference to performers that were active during that time.

The collection also contains information on the management side of the filmmaking process, the arrangement of live musical performance, and reports of celebrity deaths by the press.

follow link The Marv Heiman Papers span the years to , with the bulk of the materials from to , and consist of awards, magazine articles and various newspaper clippings, contracts, correspondence, a rhythm chart, handwritten lyrics, and photographs related to Heiman's time as the manager for Curtis Mayfield and as an executive for Mayfield's record label Curtom Records.

The contracts primarily relate to distribution and ownership deals made by Curtom with Buddah Records and the Warner Music Group. The Cousin Brucie Morrow Papers span the years of to , and consist mainly of photographs and clippings, chronicling Bruce Morrow's career as a popular radio disc jockey, known as "Cousin Brucie. The Mary Martin Papers contain photographs, a manuscript by P. Sloan author of protest song "Eve of Destruction" , newspaper and magazine clippings, a presskit, correspondence, ephemera, biographical information, awards, DVD video-discs, scrapbooks, posters, and an album slick related to Martin's career from the period circa to , along with some undated material.

The collection also contains some sports-related material from the s. The Joe Reiling Papers span the years , , and include some undated material. The Papers contain documents related to the careers of disc jockeys Joe Reiling, Renda Lowe, and Damion Bragdon and include photographs, documents of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service Programming Center, newspaper clippings, biographical information, advertisement copy, and radio production sheets.

The papers provide a glimpse into the life and career of radio disc jockeys.

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The Del Shannon Collection spans the years to with the bulk of the material dating between and It consists of clippings and newspapers featuring Shannon, fan club files, personal files, photographic materials, promotional files, scrapbooks, sheet music, and song files. The correspondence intimately shows Shannon's relationship with his family; while the fan club files provide a base line for how rock music fandom has evolved over time.

The Tom Miller Collection spans the years to The collection contains material regarding Cleveland, Ohio bands, of which Tom Miller was a member, with the bulk of the material focusing on Starvation Army and the Offbeats. The audio recordings in the collection contain test pressings and studio master audio tapes for both Starvation Army and the Offbeats.

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The Offbeats material includes the copyright registration for one of their songs, press kits, and a performance contract. The material on Starvation Army is largely for the later years of , when Tom Miller was a member of the band, and includes advertisements, a press kit, and a copy of the contract between Starvation Army and Rave Records.

The oversize material in the collection includes original album art for two Starvation Army releases and for a compilation album of Cleveland musicians titled, From the Eerie Shore. Also included are several posters for the Offbeats and Starvation Army. The collection provides information on the history of the Cleveland bands Starvation Army and the Offbeats; in a broader sense, this collection provides valuable information on the types of concerts performed and venues that were in operation in the Cleveland-area during the s and s. Z Amplification Collection, undated, 4.

The Dr. Z Amplification Collection consists of a signed photograph from Brad Paisley, a photograph of Mike Zaite with Joe Walsh, a poster signed by John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, and specifications for a gold Bolin Stratocaster presented to Mike Zaite by Steve Miller with an accompanying handwritten note.

The items are indicative of the relationship that exists between performers and specialized equipment manufacturers. The Michael Goldstein Collection spans the years to , with the bulk of the materials dating between and The collections consists of clippings, printed ephemera, photographs, and press releases related to Jimi Hendrix and other various artists with whom Goldstein worked.