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With this effort we begin to raise the question…ought birth certificates be amended in the first place? Is the birth certificate the right place to record adoption and, if so, are there other ways of doing it that might help adopted persons retain their whole selves even as they move from one legal family to another? As we explore the idea of the purpose of a birth certificate, so many questions emerge.

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For instance, if the birth certificate is intended to be an accurate record of biologic facts, ought we be moving towards honoring and name surrogates, sperm and egg donors and others who play a vital role in the creation of a child? Please share this video with others, including your state and national legislators. Talk about it with your friends. Featured Start a Conversation Video. About Me Michelle is passionate about the need for system reform and the essential role that young people can take in leading child welfare to more effective, youth and family-focused strategies.

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Email Address. Become part of the family of extraordinary supporters who make our work at Ampersand Families possible. Donate Refer. What is the purpose of a birth certificate?

The Truth About Your Birth Certificate

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Then talk about it. Michelle Chalmers Thanks for helping get the conversation going. All name change petitions are published in a local newspaper.

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There is a separate charge for publication and you can usually choose the paper in which the notice is published. If you have a good reason that the notice should not be published, you can file a motion to waive publication and an affidavit a sworn statement stating why you do not wish to have this information published. You may have to appear before a judge to explain your reasons. Each probate court has a different process for handling name changes.

In some courts, you may go before a judge or before a judge's clerk. In other courts, the judge looks at the name change application outside of the petitioner's presence.

Copies of Birth Certificates

You may be able to finish everything that day or you may be required to return in about two weeks. Adapted from information provided by the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition. Hours, directions, and wait times are available on the RMV website. Your Social Security Card with your new legal name. After obtaining a name change court order, you need to go to a Social Security office to obtain a new Social Security card before you can change your name with the RMV.

Hours and directions are available on the Social Security website. Although changing the names on driver's licenses is standard procedure for RMV employees, there have been some incidents where a clerk will try to deny a name change.

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  • As long as you have all of the necessary legal paperwork, you cannot be denied a name change. If an RMV clerk refuses to make the change, ask to speak with a supervisor.

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    If the supervisor likewise refuses to honor your request, ask to speak with the RMV branch manager. Be sure to record the names of the people with whom you speak, the dates and times of the interactions, and the reasons you were given for the denial. Now, applicants are asked to sign a "self attestation," to affirm their gender marker change is consistent with their gender identity.

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