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As a municipal judge and as an attorney with over 25 years of practice under his belt, Kevin Kolb has experience with a wide variety of family law matters. His years in practice and his time on the bench have honed his ability to deal responsibly with emotionally charged relational and family law matters. Having handled a wide variety of family law cases, Kevin Kolb understands the intertwined legalities and human issues inherent in:.

Throughout his career, Kevin Kolb has strived to help couples and families work out problems as amicably as possible, rather than to perpetuate adversarial dynamics. As a certified civil mediator, he takes a practical approach, explaining the potential challenges and apprising people of the economic and personal costs involved with any divorce or family law proceeding. As a Seguin family law lawyer, he has been called upon for advice in complex matters regarding community and separate property, court receiverships and complex business assets holdings.

Please enter a valid email address. Please enter a valid phone number. Please verify that you have read the disclaimer. Click the "Debtor Help" tab on the main menu to get started. May They get credit for having a page geared to non-attorneys and making the link to the info fairly prominent.

The home page is messed up as of this review. Click the link called "General Information" to get a better starting point.

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Nice improvements move its grade from a B to a A and a spot in the hall of fame. Offers a dedicated menu to help non-attorneys. Filing requirements are spelled out clearly. May Update. Home page does a good job of steering consumers in the right direction to the information they need.

Worthy of a "hall of fame" designation for overall quality. Good revisions to this court recently include a guide specifically designed for debtors filing without an attorney. Update: New Jersey has embarked on a cutting edge experiment in pro se filing. They now allow debtors to file electronically, without an attorney. Great idea.

Will be interesting to see if this idea spreads.

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Could be a model for other courts. One caveat. Their link to the federal exemption statutes fails to mention that the statutory amounts are indexed for inflation and are now higher than what appears in the statute. One of the most debtor-friendly sites in the US bankruptcy court system.

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Home page links in plain English direct non-attorneys to important and helpful information. Still excellent. This court now offers procedural guidance to non-attorneys. Also offers live chat to guide you to helpful resources. One of the only courts to offer that. Their pro se page offers links to helpful manuals from the local legal aid society.

You can tell that a lot of thought and effort has gone into helping self-represented debtors. Well done. Information for non-attorneys is easy to find, and quite exetensive.

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Some branches of the court even have a "Pro Se Law Clerk" specifically assigned to help people who are filing without an attorney. Court does an excellent job of organizing info and making it easy to find. Much better than most bankruptcy courts in the county. One of the first courts to offer information to non-lawyers.

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The "Pro Se Debtor Info" links from the home page go directly to a menu that links to information for non-attorneys on how to file, including forms and instructions about procedure. Forms page is clear and helpful. Reviewed, March 3, Not much here, at first glance. Go to the Site Map to find anything. Decent page for filing without an attorney, once you find it. May Update: Navigation has gotten better as there is now a direct link from home page for folks filling without an attorney.

Information is well organized and clear. New interface is a bit too clever by half. Important info is buried in the menu called "Court" Click the "No Attorney" link.

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Once you get past that, it's pretty good. Pop up menus work very slowly and may not work on all browsers. On some browsers you may not even see the menus at all! Has a dedicated pro se counter.

Jodi Head Lopez & Associates, P.C.

May Update: Court should make website work with all browsers. Important information is missed if the home page menus don't work right. But downloadble PDF guides are good, but were written in Vastly improved organziation since last review when this court got a faling grade for organization. Now it's a model. Perhaps they were listening. Once you find the information, it's actually quite good.

Many of the FAQs are quite good. Makes too much use of pop up menus, can be difficult to navigate, but the info is there. Still true.

Menus are a bit unwieldy but the info is good once you get there. Now features a special menu just for those filing without an attorney. Offers clearly organized guidance as to what to do when. Offers non-attorneys a handy complete downloadable packet of all required forms, all in fillable PDF format, but little in the way of instructions.

In the "Filing Resources" section of the site, they have a special page for non-attorneys, with links to relevant info. Also has an innovative online help desk as an alterative way of getting information. Still a good site. Hasn't changed much in three years. The website is quite well organized and important information is easily accessible, and now features a "Filing Without an Attorney?

One of the best in the nation in terms of offering checklists, etc. May A few links and link names updated in since last review. Earlier review still stands. Really wacky web design and use of color. The home page link to "Unrepresented Debtor Information" takes you to a page that links to relevant pages of the website.

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The Forms button has a pop up link to a special list of forms just for those who are fililing without an attorney. May Still true, March Nice clean site design. Information for debtors without an attorney are easily found on the home page. May Still true as of March Still sets the standard for user-freindly bankruptcy court websites. The source of some first class, well written, crystal clear information for non-lawyers filing for bankruptcy.

A model for the rest of the courts in the nation to follow. Provides links to fillable PDF forms.