Find the ip address of a domain name

You can also use the hostname to telnet to a device. The domain name is the string appended to hostnames that are not fully qualified. The domain name is the name of a network associated with an organization.

For sites in the United States, domain names typically take the form of org-name. In case your hostname and IP address do not have a DNS entry in a name server, configure a static mapping.

Reverse IP Lookup

The values given in the following table are used to configure each of these variables. Data is gathered from search engine results , which are not guaranteed to be complete. I'm the creator of host. For example, here's a list of domains hosted on the same IP as stackoverflow.

The other answers tell you how to resolve a domain to an IP address, but that's only a small part of how to find all of the domains that are hosted on an IP. To do that you first need to get or create a list of all available domain names.

How to Find a Hostname for an IP Address

There are roughly million currently. The next step is to resolve all of those domains to an IP address. You then need to store all of those domain to IP pairs in a database, and then you can query to get a list of all domains on the same IP. And then you need to do that at a regular frequency to make sure it stays up to date. We now integrate with Microsoft Teams, helping you to connect your internal knowledge base with your chat. Learn more.

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Kirzilla Kirzilla 7, 21 21 gold badges 75 75 silver badges bronze badges. Example: nslookup somedomain.

Using nslookup to resolve domain names to ip addresses

Alnitak Alnitak k 63 63 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. From about section of Reverse IP Domain Check tool on yougetsignal: A reverse IP domain check takes a domain name or IP address pointing to a web server and searches for other sites known to be hosted on that same web server.

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