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The company's innovative eGovernment services help reduce costs and increase efficiencies for government agencies, citizens, and businesses across the country. NIC provides eGovernment solutions for more than 3, federal, state, and local agencies in the United States. The State moved to vacate the defendant's sentence, but did not do so within ten days of defendant's sentencing, or the completion of his co-defendant's trial. The plea judge allowed the motion, and re-sentenced the defendant.

Greenwood County, SC

The supreme court discussed Rule 29's temporal restriction within the more general rule that a trial judge is without jurisdiction to consider a criminal matter once the term of court, during which judgment was entered, expires. Hinson, S. While affirming that the ten day limitation is jurisdictional, and ultimately reversing the plea judge's consideration of the State's motion outside of time, the supreme court emphatically stated the rule did not involve subject matter jurisdiction.

This, the court said, is more in line with the evolution of this state's jurisprudence regarding jurisdiction since the Gentry decision.

We find the period of time for motions for new trials prescribed in section is similar to the ten day limit in Rule 29 and discussed in Campbell. Consequently, if the municipal court erred in entertaining Holtzclaw's motion to reopen his case, this was an error of the municipal court's exercise of jurisdiction, and does not implicate its general grant of subject matter jurisdiction. Piana, S. There is a wide difference between want of jurisdiction in which case the court has no power to adjudicate at all, and a mistake in the exercise of undoubted jurisdiction in which case the action of the trial court is not void although it may be subject to direct attack on appeal.

Fredrick, Mich.

How To Get A South Carolina Car Dealer License

Therefore, the proper recourse to challenge any alleged error in reopening Holtzclaw's case should have been made in a direct appeal from the municipal court's order. Fryer v. Law Enforcement Div. Coon, S. Godwin, S.

How to Get a Used Car Dealer License in South Carolina

The town appeared and argued the municipal court lacked jurisdiction to hear the motion because it was untimely. DMV correctly points out that it was not a party to the underlying traffic violation or the motion to reopen and that therefore, only the prosecuting body, which actually signed off on the municipal court's motion to reopen at the time, would have been able to appeal the decision. We believe this is the proper policy to follow, as the DMV appears to be a record keeping agency in this instance.

It is solely within the court's province to decide the guilt or innocence on a particular charge, before the result is reported to the DMV. Accordingly, the DMV's position in this case is an improper collateral attack on the valid, even if improvidently decided, order of the municipal court.

Moreover, because the third violation conviction case was merely reopened, Holtzclaw could still be found guilty of driving under a suspended license, at which time DMV could once again seek to have Holtzclaw deemed a Habitual Offender. Because the municipal court's entertainment of Holtzclaw's motion to reopen outside of the five day limitation in section did not involve subject matter jurisdiction, any error in its resulting order was voidable, rather than void, and only subject to direct appeal.

The dismissal by the ALC in this case is therefore. Holtzclaw had previously appeared and pled guilty to Ticket DE.

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